Someone Finally Beat the Cr1TiKaL Halo 2 Challenge

Twitch streamer Jervalin proves anything is possible

If you haven’t been following, on June 24, 2022, MoistCr1TiKaL, otherwise known as penguinz0 on YouTube, issued a gaming challenge that seemed near impossible. The reward? $20,000.

What Was the Challenge? 

The challenge was so insane that no one had ever completed it before. Cr1TiKaL challenged his viewers to beat Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, on Legendary Difficulty, solo, with no deaths and every skull turned on except Envy. 

For the uninitiated, skulls in Halo 2 make the game increasingly more difficult. With these settings, the game becomes incredibly punishing, with mobs of enemies constantly swarming you and capable of taking you out in a single hit. The exploits that made this possible in the original Halo 2 were patched, making this feat even more difficult in the Anniversary version. 

A Heart-Warming Triumph

For 40 full days, streamers on Twitch tortured themselves, trying to complete the challenge. It required both pinpoint accuracy and also a lot of luck. Finally, Twitch and Halo 2 streamer Jervalin completed the task after attempting the feat for the full 40 days since Cr1TiKaL had issued the challenge. Here was his triumphant moment:

What makes the clip even better is how supportive Jervalin’s family is. They watched him throughout this brutal experience, and he was finally able to defeat it in one grueling, 7.5-hour run. Being a smaller streamer can sometimes be difficult, and we’re sure the prize money is welcome. Even beyond the 20k that he won, he also got a lot more fans, us included.

MoistCr1TiKaL is planning on holding more challenges in the future, and we’re excited to see what he comes up with. He wants to find near-impossible challenges in more prominent, well-known titles. His giving back to the community like this is excellent and will hopefully encourage more speed runners and streamers to partake in his next challenge. 

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