Sonic Frontiers Gameplay – Early Developer Footage

Excited for the latest entry in the Sonic franchise? Us too. Here's the latest Sonic Frontiers Gameplay.

SEGA announced Sonic Frontiers in early December 2021 at The Game Awards, and fans’ initial reaction to the Breath of the Wild-esque trailer seemed generally positive. Now, thanks to IGN, we have more Sonic Frontiers gameplay footage that we can gawk over. 

YouTube @Sonic the Hedgehog

The reception of early-gameplay developer footage of Sonic Frontiers seems to be mixed among its core audience of rabid Sonic franchise fans on social media. Beyond the funny memes and comparisons, it generally feels that the criticism is somewhat overstated. 

Rather than plopping you down in an completely empty world, the developers are likely trying to show off the physics and game engine. There’s a good chance they weren’t entirely concerned with revealing too much detail on how the actual game will play. 

That being said, sometimes criticism is good, a la the first Sonic Movie. Luckily, IGN is releasing more gameplay footage over the coming weeks. Hopefully, Sonic Frontiers has the excellent level design, fun puzzles, and engaging enemies that we’ve gotten used to from past Sonic games. If you worry the game won’t live up to expectations, don’t sweat it–as the developers still have nearly half-a-year to polish and refine things.

We’ll post new gameplay footage as it comes out, so we hope to see more as we get closer to the launch date.

Take a look at the newest Sonic Frontiers gameplay below, and let us know what you think! 

YouTube @IGN

When Does Sonic Frontiers Release? 

The developers at SEGA have said that Sonic Frontiers will release in the holiday season, or November/December, of 2022. 

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