Sons of the Forest: How to Build a Log Sled

Sons of the Forest, the first-person survival game released by Endnight Games, released patch 05 for the popular PC title and introduced a highly-requested community feature, Log Sleds. Here’s how to craft one. 

Sons of the Forest is a blast and arguably one of the better survival games developed in recent memory. However — one of the most highly-requested features for the game since it launched into Early Access on Steam is the ability to transport more than two logs at a time. Well, Endnight has been listening and has finally added a useful mode of transport players can easily build in the game. Here’s how to build a Log Sled. 

How to Build a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest

To build a log sled in the game, hit the B key, then hit X to switch mode and select the teal Utility tab. Click the Utility button at the bottom of your manual to go through the pages, then click either the Basic Log Sled or Log Sled. Place the log sled on the ground, then gather the materials needed to construct it and build it with the E key. 

How to Build a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest

The Basic Log Sled only requires 33 sticks, while the upgraded Log Sled costs:

  • 48 Sticks
  • 3 Planks
  • 2 Skulls
  • 2 Tarp
  • 4 Duct Tape

The Basic Log Sled can hold 8 full-sized logs, while the upgraded Log Sled can carry 12 and is illuminated automatically at night. 

There you have it; now you should know how to build a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest. If you are still having trouble, watch our video below:

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