Spotify Adds Planet Hip-Hop to its Roblox Experience

A futuristic universe dedicated to the world of Hip-Hop.

Back in May, Spotify partnered with Roblox to create Spotify Island, a unique experience for the metaverse platform. In this game, players can meet their favorites artist virtually, tinker with sounds, and hang out with friends. Now, Spotify has updated its Roblox experience to add Planet Hip-Hop. It’s the second update since K-Park, the K-Pop wonderland, was added back in July.

Spotify Island Planet Hip Hop

Load into Spotify Island and take the portal over to Planet Hip-Hop to see what’s new. Players can explore the new world to collect hearts and spend them at the Hip-Hop Island. Spend your hearts on unique moves, effects, and avatar items. 

Players can also interact with a variety of sound effects and beats to create their own in-game tracks. To switch things up, head over to the Speed Shop to customize your own in-game car that you can summon on the spot to get around the planet quickly. Spotify says there will be even more customization options coming in the future.

From there, you can create your own hip-hop sounds powered by Soundtrap, visit our snack bar to grab a few special treats, and discover even more easter eggs along the way.

You can also snag some virtual merch, which includes exclusive clothing items, emotes, parkour effects, and custom Doechii merch. And if you like, you can even have Doechii sign your freshly acquired swag—all inspired by iconic fashion moments throughout Doechii’s career. (Net proceeds from digital sales on Roblox are distributed to the rights-holders of the items.)

Fans can also check out the Roblox Spotify Island playlist on Spotify, which features tracks from Doechii, San Holo, KSI, Justin Bieber, and more.

If you enjoy this game, make sure to collect at least 40 Speed Level stars before October 7 to get a special free Roblox item!

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