Stampede: Racing Royale Steam Playtest Starts July 27

This 60-player battle royale racer is set to offer a unique blend of fast-paced, chaotic races and battles.

Sumo Leamington and publisher Secret Mode are inviting players to join the world’s wildest race, Stampede: Racing Royale, for its first Steam Playtest from July 27-31, 2023. The playtest will feature eight race maps and one battle arena, with over 50 customization options available for players to stand out from the crowd. The developers are currently working on additional tracks, arenas, and customization options. To sign up for the playtest, visit the Stampede: Racing Royale Steam page and hit Request Access.

Designed to evolve and grow around its community, the games playtest will contain early work-in-progress content. All players will receive a feedback form during the playtest to provide their thoughts and suggestions and highlight any bugs found in this early version of the game. Progression and unlocked items will not carry over to future playtests or early access.

See a trailer for the game below:

Stampede: Racing Royale is a unique racing game that pits 60 players against each other in three-round eliminator events, culminating in a high-stakes finale to crown the winner. Rounds include Stampede Races, offering classic karting action on outrageously inventive circuits, and Stampede Battles, where competitors fight their way to victory in power-up laden arenas.

Stampede: Racing Royale‘s first Playtest will take place on Steam from July 27 to 31, with a Steam Early Access release due later in 2023.

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