Steam’s Going Rogue Festival Celebrates the Roguelike Genre

Steam's Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence features dozens of roguelike, roguelite, Souls-like, and Metroidvania games on sale.

Steam is diving into the confusing subgenre of roguelikes and roguelites with their new limited-time sale. Steam’s Going Rogue Festival of Persistence is underway from May 2 to May 9 at 10 a.m. PT. The festival celebrates the genre and gives into the history, explaining each subgenre and what unique elements they bring to the table.

Rogue games include elements of roleplaying games and permadeath. The latter plays an important part in distinguishing between roguelikes and roguelites. Roguelites typically include unlocks that stick with you as you progress through the game, even after death. On the other hand, Roguelikes are more akin to the original Rogue game, the forerunner of the genre, where death is permanent — the ‘game over’ screen means you’re back to square one.

The following definition known as the Berlin Interpretation lays out the eight high-value factors for roguelike games:

  1. Random map generation
  2. Permadeath
  3. Turn-based combat
  4. Grid-based movement
  5. Complexity to allow multiple solutions
  6. Non-modal (all actions can be performed at any time)
  7. Resource management
  8. Hack-n-slash combat

Let’s not forget about the two other subgenres under the “roguelike” umbrella: Souls-like and Metroidvania. Souls-like games all started with Demon’s Souls, which was followed by the classic series known as Dark Souls. These games are well-known as being incredibly challenging, but players can improve their abilities post-death. Metroidvania games combine elements from two classic games: Metroid and Castlevania. These platformer games combine elements of non-linear gameplay, sci-fi, and gated progression, and they are more about continuous play instead of permadeath.

Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence

Steam’s Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence event features dozens of titles at hefty discounts, making it the perfect time to pick up some of those roguelike, roguelite, souls-like, or Metroidvania titles you’ve had your eye on in the past year. Below is a complete list of featured games that are currently on sale for the next seven days of the festival.

Games on Sale for Steam’s Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence

  • Rogue Legacy 2 (20% off)
  • Enter the Gungeon (60% off)
  • Exit the Gungeon (40% off)
  • Sekiro Shadows: Die Twice (50% off)
  • King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (10% off)
  • Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition (35% off)
  • Peglin (10% off)
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order (75% off)
  • Nioh: Complete Edition (75% off)
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer (30% off)
  • Dead Cells (40% off)
  • Hollow Knight (60% off)
  • Slay the Spire (60% off)
  • Gunfire Reborn (25% off)
  • Haiku, the Robot (15% off)
  • 觅长生 (10% off)
  • Terraformers (10% off)
  • 古剑奇谭三 Gujian3 (67% off)
  • Noita (50% off)
  • 太吾绘卷 The Scroll Of Taiwu (15% off)
  • Metal Unit (70% off)
  • Rogue Tower (20% off)
  • Roguebook (37% off)
  • Godlike Burger (10% off)
  • Blade Assault (40% off)
  • Inscryption (30% off)
  • Death’s Door (40% off)
  • Loop Hero (67% off)

Going Rogue is underway from May 2 to May 9 at 10 a.m. PT on Steam’s digital storefront.