Steam Next Fest: October 2022

Fans of video games can look forward to being able to test hundreds of upcoming titles for free with Steam’s Next Fest. The exciting event will run from October 3 – October 10, 2022, and features playable demos from almost any game genre for players to test. As the Next Fest, the purpose of the event is for developers to be able to showcase the future of games to a wide audience and get reliable feedback before the game makes its final release. 

Steam Next Fest is great for players and developers alike as the players get to play free games, and developers get great feedback. Players who like what they play can wishlist the games and buy them as soon as they officially go on sale on Steam.

Steam Next Fest Game List October 2022

Here are some of the upcoming games that will be a part of Steam Next Fest October 2022:

Our Picks for Steam Next Fest

With so many fantastic games being available for players to try, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best ones. However, here are two of our picks that players should check out during Steam Next Fest 2022.

  • The Multi-Medium: The Multi-Medium is a hand-drawn 2D puzzle-platformer that will have players moving across the multiverse as an explorer trying to make it back home. 
  • Techtonica: As a first-person factory building game, Techtonica puts players under the surface of an alien world where they can work together or go it alone to build a base and explore the planet, harvest resources, and find secrets.

Players can play free demos of these amazing upcoming titles and check out many more during the Steam Next Fest this October.

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