Stray: Where to Find All the Plants in Antville

Here's where to find the Purple, Red, and Yellow plants in Stray, and where to turn them in to get the Plant Badge.

If you’re a completionist playing Stray and you’ve made it to Antville, you may have noticed Malo is looking for some plants. Being the nice kitty that you are, why not help a robot out and find them all? There are three plants to collect, and they’re all in close proximity to each other. Here’s where to find all the plants in Stray, including the Red, Yellow, and Purple plants.

Antville Plant Locations in Stray

The three plant locations in Stray are:

  • Red plant: to the right of the bar area on a metal pipe.
  • Purple plant: on the tree branch to the right of the robots playing the board game.
  • Yellow plant: descend in the bucket behind the robots playing the board game.

Red Plant Location

The red plant is probably the first one you’ll want to grab because it’s a bit out of the way. First, find the robots playing the board game. Behind them, you will notice a bucket on a rope. You can hop inside the bucket to descend to a more secluded area, where two robots are hanging out. Walk down the pipe, and jump across the water to your left. You’ll see the red plant growing on the island of garbage.

You can jump on the wooden planks to make your way back up to the main area.

Purple Plant Location

The purple plants are growing on a tree branch near the two robots playing their board game. Walk past the two robots, and you should see the big tree branch on your left side. Angle your camera right, and jump up on the tree branch. Keep walking, and you’ll see the purple plant.

Where to Find the Purple Plant in Stray

Yellow Plant

The yellow plant is located toward the top of Antville. Keep climbing your way to the top until you get to the bar area. Walk past the bar, and you’ll see a metal pipe to the right. Hop onto the metal pipe, and you’ll run into the yellow plant.

Where to Find the Yellow Plant in Stray

Who do you give the plants to in Stray?

You can give the plants to Malo to unlock the Plant Badge. Malo is the resident gardener of Antville, and you’ll find her on the very top floor of the area. Speak with Malo and choose the show item option. Show each plant you just collected, and you’ll unlock the badge!

Who do you give the plants to in Stray?

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