Superfuse Release Date, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

Image: Stitch Heads Entertainment

Superfuse, a high-intensity comic-inspired ARPG developed by Stitch Heads Entertainment and published by Raw Fury, is set to release into Early Access on January 31, 2023.  

Superfuse is a comic-book-inspired co-op game where you and a group of friends take on enemies with a multitude of powers. Taking place in a dystopian future where only the rich elite survive, these new humans have enhanced their bodies to the point where they have superhero powers.

The game boasts 5 different classes that players can use to customize a deep skill tree. Like other ARPGs, you’ll be taking on waves of enemies called The Corruption to gain the most powerful loot. 

As an ARPG, the storyline is pretty perfect. Fans of the genre are well aware of min/maxing their characters to make them as powerful as the game allows. Like the game, the characters in the Superfuse storyline have also pushed their limits–taking their bodies to the extreme with high-tech armor, powerful weapons, and boosters.  

Superfuse Release Date and Platforms

Superfuse will release into Early Access on January 31, 2023, for PC on the Steam platform, according to the game’s developer on their Steam page. As of writing, according to representatives for the game, there are no plans to release Superfuse for consoles.

Superfuse Trailer

The almost minute-long co-op trailer displays some in-game cooperative action that players can enjoy when the game drops on January 31. 

The cell-shaded comic book aesthetic gives the game a unique look, especially among other ARPGs that often opt for a more realistic, dark tone. The colorful pallete and comic font will plunge players into their own comic-book world. 

Players looking to learn more about the game’s development can visit the Superfuse website or join the official Superfuse Discord channel

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