Evolution Skills (January 2023)

We have the complete list of evolution skills and weapons. Evolution Skills is a mobile survival action game where players must fend off countless waves of zombies and powerful bosses. Along the way, players unlock various weapons and skills, which can then be upgraded into better-evolved weapons. Below is a complete list of all the evolution skills.

There are several weapons in the game, and all weapons have different evolutions (EVOs for short). Weapon evolutions unlock when you meet specific conditions. For one, the weapon must hit 5-star, and two, you’ll need the corresponding support skill. Of course, you can’t have all of them, so you’ll need to decide which ones to upgrade.

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Here is the complete list of evolution skills:

  • Caltrops: Durian + HE Fuel
  • Death Ray: Laser Launcher + Energy Cube
  • Defender: Guardian + Exo-Bracer
  • Demon Blade: Katana + Roni Oyoroi
  • Destroyer: Drone Type A + Drone Type B
  • Dumbbell: Brick + Fitness Guide
  • Eternal Light: Lightchaser + Roni Oyoroi
  • Fuel Barrel: Molotov Cocktail + Oil Bonds
  • Gatling Gun: Shotgun + Hi-Powered Bullet
  • Lucile: Bat + Fitness Guide
  • Magnetic Dart: Boomerang + Hi-Power Magnet
  • Pressure Forcefield: Forcefield + Energy Drink
  • Quantum Ball: Football + Sneakers
  • Reaper: Revolver + Hi-Powered Bullet
  • Sharkmaw Gun: RPG + HE Fuel
  • Spirit Shuriken: Kunai + Koga Ninja Scroll
  • Thunderbolt Power Cell: Lightning Emitter + Energy Cube
  • Gloom Nova: Void Power + Exo Bracer
  • Whistling Arrow: Drill Shot + Ammo Thruster

How to Get the Evolution Skills in

To get the evolution skills in, you’ll need to max out the weapon and have the appropriate support skill equipped. For example, a five-star boomerang will evolve into a Magnetic Dart when you get a Hi-Power Magnet.

Each time you level, you can look for the text below the supporting skill that says “Evo:” to see which weapon it evolves. It’s always a good idea to only pick up support skills that go with your currently equipped weapons.

How to Get the Evolution Skills in

There you have it, that’s the complete EVO skills list. Now you’ll know how to evolve the weapons into some powerful upgrades.

Survivor!.io is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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