Team Fortress 2 Hits New Concurrent Player Count Record

Over 250,000 people hopped into the over 15-year-old first-person shooter.

Well, if any games have true staying power, it’s got to be Valve games. With Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike continuing to dominate the Steam platform, one would wonder how old a game has to be to go out of style. Team Fortress 2 shows that a good game is timeless.

The title, which has seen peaks throughout the years, arguably reached the peak of its prior popularity in 2011 and has seen several updates, tweaks, and changes since then. The last of which was a major summer update, which added 14 new community maps, a bunch of new community cosmetics, taunts, effects, and War Paints.

Over the years, the game has seen continued success, averaging around 100,000 concurrent players daily. Its all-time peak at the time of writing is 253,997 players, all logging in simultaneously.

As a former competitive TF2 player, I used to enjoy the game a lot in a competitive setting. While since then, many of the patches and updates have catered to a more casual audience, I still have fond memories of playing the game with my friends.

Hopefully, this is just the start of continued success and perhaps even a new era for the game.

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