The Cycle Frontier Patch Notes (Update 1.2.0)

Are you looking forward to all the updates in The Cycle Frontier? Here are The Cycle Frontier patch notes for update 1.2.0.

The Cycle Frontier is a first-person PvE, PvP battle royale set in space. If you’re into the loot ’em and shoot ’em gameplay as much as us, you’ll want to keep up-to-date with the latest developer updates. Here are The Cycle Frontier Patch Notes for Patch 1.2.0. 

Patch 1.2.0 Brings Us Season 1

Season 1 brings new rewards as part of the Fortuna Pass. This is a battle pass system where you get rewards every time you level up. If you want paid rewards, you will have to lay down 950 Aurum, or $12.99 USD. 

Learn more about Season 1 here

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The Cycle Frontier Patch Notes (Update 1.2.0)

Here are the enhancements and updates according to The Cycle Frontier official blog: 


  • The creature spawn for the Dead Scientist mission was adjusted – there will be at least 5 creatures that are always spawning. 
  • We adjusted some of the loot and enemy respawn timers. 
  • We did another tuning pass for our matchmaking buckets. 
  • You can now craft Altered Nickel. 5 common Nickel are required for that. 
  • B9 Trenchgun, Rusty B9 Trenchgun, and Shattergun got adjustments to their spread. 
    • Hipfire Spread increased from 3.5 to 5.5. 
    • ADS Spread increased from 3 to 5. 
  • Rusty AR-55 damage reduced from 13 to 12. 
  • AR-55 damage reduced from 13 to 12 
  • Manticore damage reduced from 13 to 12 

Note from the design team: We really appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten so far and keep getting when it comes to balancing. Keep it coming! We see it as a dialogue with the community to get this right over time, and as the season progresses. With that in mind, when it comes to balancing late-game gear, we’re still watching data and feedback to see how things develop over time, as players get their hands on more late-game stuff. It’s still early, and the ecosystem is still changing rapidly. Expect updates during the season! 


  • Fixes for the friends list import were applied. 
  • Fixed some item duplications. 
  • We fixed the problem that some players got stuck in their starter quests by adjusting the mission check. 
  • The Paladin Blade will be shown correctly in your inventory and can be equipped. 
  • The game does not launch in VR mode when you have a VR headset connected. Sorry, the future isn’t quite now. 
  • You can transfer items from your loadout into a stash with a right-click when you have no backpack equipped. 
  • We made Newton proud and restored gravity to the following items close to the Crashed Ship on Bright Sands: 
    • Co-Tec Multitool. 
    • Hydraulic Piston. 
    • Zero Systems CPU. 
  • Bushes lost their rubber coating and do not block lightning anymore. 
  • Marauder had missing footsteps on some occasions. Those are fixed. Back to stomping terror. 
  • Gunfire SFX from your own weapon is now louder than your squad mate’s fire. 
  • Grenade SFX was fixed. 
  • You cannot skip the B9 Trenchgun reloading animation anymore. Get those shells in. One. By. One. 
  • 2x Optic, 4x Optic, and 2x – 4x Variable Optic will not clip through the ASP Flechette any longer. 
  • If you attach a Tactical Light to the ASP Flechette it will not float under the weapon. 
  • The construct button gets greyed out properly now if you do not have enough materials. 
  • We added the missing localization for “Confirm” in the Cosmetics tab. 
  • We added the missing localization for the rarity in the Welcome Pack Shop. 
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Laser Drill battery display. 
  • Fixed flickering lights from a distant Laser Drill. 
  • We fixed occurrences of players spawning on top of each other. 
  • The Epic Medium Extended Magazine visuals were fixed for the AR-55. 
  • If you cycled between the Pickaxe and your weapons you could lose control until you ledge climbed. This was fixed. 
  • The objective description of “Satellite Master Part 2” was fixed. 
  • Birds now make a proper noise when flying away. Best of course is to not scare them. 
  • Following angry complaints from ground control, you will not fly away anymore if you stand on top of a meteor while mining it. 
  • Fixed some of the reverb effects. 
  • Uplink sounds are also affected by the Master Volume Slider now. 
    • Same for the Dead Drop audio. 
    • Laser Drill SFX also got fixed. 
  • Fixed broken crouching while on Prospect Station. Your knees will thank us. 
  • The SFX for the Oil Pumped is played properly. 
  • You will not get stuck between the rails and tables in the small homes on Crescent Falls after the patch. 
  • The color of the customize button in the vanity section is fixed. A vain change for sure. 


  • Additional tweaks to our internal anti-cheat measures. 
  • We will be able to kick players when we have maintenance to make sure that everyone uses the correct version. Sorry about the confusion last time! 

Known Issues

  • Twitch drop vanity cannot be claimed if the stash is full 
  • Biker Queen’s image shows black hair, though she has white hair 

And there you have it! Those are all The Cycle Frontier Patch 1.2.0 notes.

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