The Last of Us Woes Persist with Lack of Steam Deck Support

The Last of Us Part 1 re-release has seen its fair share of issues, first with performance issues for PC and lack of support on the Steam Deck. 

As we previously reported, The Last of Us Part 1 re-release has been a rocky introduction to the franchise for players on PC. Now users are coming out in droves and voicing their disappointment over a lack of support on the Steam Deck. 

According to a recent Tweet by the game’s developers, Naughty Dog, 

“And while we know many of you would like to play The Last of Us Part I on Steam Deck, we are prioritizing fixes and patches before submitting it for verification. 

We will keep you updated on its Steam Deck status as we continue to improve the PC version.”

This was confirmed by users trying to access the game via their handheld consoles, which were met with the default message claiming the game is not Steam Deck compatible. According to the company, a hotfix for the PC version should launch today, with a more significant patch coming on Friday. 

Hopefully, this alleviates some of the pain that PC and Steam Deck users have been experiencing with the game so that players can instead focus on the amazing narrative and updated graphics at a stable framerate. 

What do you think of The Last of Us Part 1 PC and Steam Deck issues? Are you disappointed? Sound off in the comments section below. 

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