The Outlast Trials: All Amps List

In The Outlast Trials, Amps are powerful in-game buffs you can attain after reaching level 10. We’ve listed them in our guide if you’re wondering what they are.  

If you hope to survive in the survival-horror game, The Outlast Trials, you’ll need every edge you can get. After reaching level 10, players unlock Amp abilities that can provide a variety of passive buffs. Amps are described as powerful contraband items and can greatly affect your therapy. Like your Rig, choosing the right set of Amp abilities can win or lose the game.  

The Outlast Trials Amp List

In The Outlast Trials, players can equip up to 3 Amp abilities at a time. Here is a list of all Amp abilities in The Outlast Trials: 

AmpRequired LevelDescription
Slippers10Allows silent movement over broken glass.
Hide and Breathe12Stamina begins to replenish instantly when hiding.
Cacophony14Enhances the noise of thrown bricks and bottles, making them more effective distractions.
Double Doses16Syringes gain a second use.
Heal and Hide18Health starts regenerating immediately when in a hiding spot.
Strong Arm20Enhances the damage done by thrown bricks and bottles.
Noise Reduction22Lessens noise created by running and opening doors.
Quick Escape24Temporarily increases speed and stamina after taking damage.
Antitoxin26Allows full sanity restoration over time and reduces the duration of psychosis in half.

How to Get Amps in The Outlast Trials

To get Amps, reach level 10, visit Dorris in the cafeteria area of the institute, navigate to the Loadout screen, and select the abilities you want to fill your AMP slots. To unlock AMPs, reach the required level for the ability by gaining XP in trials, then speak to Dorris to purchase them from her. 

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