The Outlast Trials: How to Raise the Root Canal Water Level

In Program 2 of The Outlast Trials Grind the Bad Apples, players are tasked with raising the root canal water level back up to continue forward with the trial. 

The difficulty starts to heat up in the Program 2 Grind the Bad Apples trial of The Outlast Trials, as players are introduced to whole-new puzzles they must solve to complete the mission. If you’re stuck in the area where you need to raise the Root Canal water level, this guide will walk you through it. 

How to Raise the Root Canal Water Level in The Outlast Trials

To raise the Root Canal water level, players must turn the proper valves in the Fun House. Follow the colored pipes to the valves to turn them on and water will start flowing in the canal. To continue to the next portion of the quest, you’ll need to release all the colored valves.

Turning the wrong valve in this portion of the quest will damage the player. The pipes are pretty windy, so you’ll need to follow them pretty closely to choose the right valves. 

If you got stuck on how to raise the water level in the Root Canal, don’t worry — it confused us too. There are so many different pipes; it’s easy to lose track of the one that you need. 

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