The Outlast Trials: How to Increase Trial Rank

If you’re tired of being a D student in The Outlast Trials, follow our guide to increase your rank. 

There are so many things to keep track of in the new survival horror game, The Outlast Trials, that understanding the underlying grading and rank mechanic can be confusing. Players have many opportunities throughout each trial to increase or decrease their scores. If you want to improve, here are a few things you can do to increase your rank in The Outlast Trials. 

How to Increase Rank in The Outlast Trials

The following actions will increase your rank while in a trial: 

  • Using med items
  • Using your Rig
  • Using Bricks or Bottles to distract enemies
  • Using Bricks or Bottles to disrupt enemies (hitting them in the head boosts rank more)
  • Performing cooperative actions
  • Reviving teammates
  • Hiding successfully
  • Helping teammates (out of traps, etc.)
  • Using items on allies
  • Unlocking containers
  • Disarming traps
  • Breaking barricades
  • Collecting documents

Performing each of these actions will positively affect your overall trial rank. Doing the same positive actions will continue to increase your score, so we suggest using items as much as possible instead of storing and saving them, as these will be the main way to increase your trial rank. 

The following actions will decrease your rank in The Outlast Trials: 

  • Losing Sanity
  • Taking damage
  • Triggering traps
The Outlast Trials Enemy Screenshot
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/The Outlast Trials

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Ultimately improving your rank comes down to completing each of the trial’s objectives and helping your teammates whenever possible. The more you’re damaged or caught by enemies, the lower your score will go, though you can offset this by doing positive actions in the game. 

Spamming your Rig ability each time it’s off cooldown is a good way to continue increasing your score, though it’s risky because you may need to use it strategically at some point, and it will be on CD often. Adrenaline shots are also useful to utilize as soon as you find them unless you’re later in the game and may need to use them to escape a specific enemy. 

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