The Outlast Trials: How to Arm Wrestle

In the terrifying nightmare that is The Outlast Trials, players can arm wrestle in the Terminal before entering a new trial. If you’re confused about how it works, this quick walkthrough will show you exactly how to win. 

In The Outlast Trials, players can do many different things in the game world, like hiding, running, and trying to escape for their life. However — you might be surprised (or not, if you found this article) that you can arm wrestle in the game. If you’ve sat down to do it but are confused about how it works, keep reading to learn how to arm wrestle

How to Arm Wrestle in The Outlast Trials

To arm wrestle in the Outlast Trials, sit down at one of the chairs before entering a new trial. You’ll need an opponent to sit opposite of you; then, you’ll be able to arm wrestle. To win the arm wrestling match, left-click when the arrow hits the colored slices in the wheel. Each time you successfully click while the arrow is on a colored slice, you’ll build a combo. Darker colors are better and more powerful, but what’s most important is that you hit the slices successfully in a row. 

How to Arm Wrestle

The player that hits the darker slices more times in a row will win the arm wrestling match. If you’re both hitting the slice consistently, then it will come down to who hits the darker colors more often — however, going for the highest score becomes riskier as the arrow speeds up because there’s a higher chance of missing it altogether, resetting your combo.

Arm wrestling in The Outlast Trials is a fun little mini-game players can use to unwind from the stress and anxiety that builds up from actually playing a trial. It’s fun to do while waiting for your teammates, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t waste a few minutes trying to beat other players. 

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