The Quarry Game Studio Acquired by Nordisk

Supermassive, creators of The Quarry and Until Dawn, are acquired by the massive Nordic media group

If you’re a fan of decision-based horror games, you probably have heard of Supermassive Games, the studio that brought you such games as Until Dawn, The Quarry, and The Dark Pictures Anthology series. According to a recent post on their website, the Copenhagen-based Nordisk Games has officially acquired them.

Founded in 2008, Supermassive is a pillar in the horror gaming genre. Their immersive environments and powerful storylines have won them awards, including a BAFTA for their title, Until Dawn. According to the Supermassive website, in 2021, Nordisk took a 30.7% stake in their company. Since the partnership has been so smooth, both companies have decided to the acquisition. 

What Does This Mean for Supermassive? 

Not much detail has been released on the acquisition. Though, it does mean that now games created by Supermassive will likely be provided with additional funding and support. The explosive popularity of their award-winning flagship titles puts them in a great position to develop future games at a higher level. 

It’s not to say that game studio acquisitions always go smoothly or improve the quality of the games produced. However, according to Nordisk’s approach, they will take a back seat the driving the actual development of the game and instead focus on challenging Supermassive for more innovation while providing them with additional resources and funding. 

Who is Nordisk Games? 

Nordisk Games is based in Copenhagen and owned by an entertainment company called Nordisk Film, a leading Nordic media group. In addition to now owning Supermassive games, Nordisk also owns other gaming companies like Avalanche Studios Group, Star Stable Entertainment, Nitro Games, Flashbulb Games, MercurySteam, and 

Hopefully, it means that the quality and speed that Supermassive Games is able to produce titles improves. We can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve next.

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