The Wandering Village – Build a City on the Back of a Giant

A new and refreshing take on the city-builder genre

Strategy game lovers that enjoy city-builders like Farthest Frontier have another game to look forward to next month. The Wandering Village melds concepts from city builders and packages them in a cute 2D/3D aesthetic on the back of a giant, moving beast. Here’s what we know so far about The Wandering Village. 

A New Take on Seasonal Biome Changes

Any fan of city builders knows that mother nature is often your worst enemy. Whether it be the blistering winter that wipes out all your crops or a summer drought that kills your population, mother nature doesn’t play. 

Often, that’s where the challenge comes from in survival city-sims. In The Wandering Village, it’s your task to build a thriving society on the back of a massive, wandering beast called an Onbu. As it traverses the ravaged landscape, it will enter different regions with other foliage, wildlife, and weather conditions. We’re into this new take on things, and we’re curious to see where it can go and how many biomes can actually exist. 

As important as it is to maintain and care for your settlers, it’s also critical you build your relationship with your Onbu. You control its actions and aim them towards greener pastures. 

Watch the trailer for The Wandering Village here: 

What is the Wandering Village? 

Like many games in the genre, in The Wandering Village, it’s your job to survive weather events, upgrade your tech tree, and manage crops and resources so your townspeople can thrive and raise new generations. A city-builder strategy/simulation game, the Wandering Village is one of the more unique twists on the genre that we’ve seen in some time.

The Wandering Village
Image via Stray Fawn Studio

Developed by Stray Fawn Studio and published by WhisperGames, The Wandering Village has been one of the most highly-anticipated strategy games on Steam.  

When does The Wandering Village Release?

The Wandering Village releases in Early Access on September 14th.

What Platforms is The Wandering Village on?

The Wandering Village will be available on PC on Steam. Wishlist it today! 

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