Top Hat Studios Indie Pack Helps Underrepresented Developers

In a gaming industry that often overlooks the underdogs, Top Hat Studios, is making a bold move to bring underrepresented indie titles into the limelight.

The Indie Pack is more than just a collection of games; it’s a testament to the creativity and resilience of indie developers from underrepresented and grassroots communities. Despite facing challenges in scaling their games and getting the recognition they deserve, these developers have crafted games that are playable, meaningful, and deserving of discovery.

Indie Pack Initiative Details

The initiative aims to spotlight small groups of indie developers’ titles on consoles for the first time, bringing together multiple indies under one community umbrella. Gamers can look forward to experiencing these games on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The first indie pack is set to release on June 30th at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT / 4 p.m. GMT.

Leading the pack is the Ukrainian-developed fairytale adventure, A Tale For Anna. This family-friendly game, developed by Far Mills, weaves a magical narrative about Anna, a young girl with magical abilities who embarks on a journey to confront a wicked queen. The game beautifully blends hidden-item, point-and-click, and traditional puzzle elements into a captivating puzzle adventure.

Also featured in the pack, but set to release later, is the Malaysian-developed cinematic visual novel Fires At Midnight. This mature-themed narrative explores love, lust, intimacy, and conflict through a unique Southeast Asian lens. It’s a game that blurs the lines between traditional arts, games, films, and Southeast Asian stories, offering a perspective that is rarely heard in the West.

Rounding out the pack are two additional titles, Vision Soft Reset and The Lost And The Wicked. Vision Soft Reset is a unique Metroidvania game by Seafloor Games that revolves around the mechanic of time. The Lost And The Wicked is a twin-stick shooter psychothriller that started as a high school project and evolved into a brutal, abstract narrative-driven thriller.

Top Hat Studios, Inc. Producer Andy Andi Han, commenting on the release of these games, said,

Everybody who goes into making a game does so because they think it means something. No matter the scope or size of the game, that doesn’t detract from any of the artistry involved and there needs to be more recognition and appreciation for underrepresented and grassroots developers in this industry.

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