Torchlight: Infinite Open Beta Release on PC and Mobile

Torchlight: Infinite releases in Open Beta today

Players looking for a great ARPG experience may want to consider the newest release of Torchlight: Infinite, developed by XD Games, which just moved into the open beta stage. Here’s what we know about the Torchlight: Infinite Open Beta release on PC and mobile devices. 

Torchlight: Infinite Open Beta Release Date

Torchlight: Infinite Open Beta releases on October 12, 2022. With the move from the closed beta, players who have participated in the previous beta will have to restart their progress. 

However, players can now pick up the game on both PC through Steam and mobile devices, including Android through the Google Play Store and iOS devices through the App Store.

Jump into the Newest ARPG with Torchlight: Infinite

While the launch of Diablo Immortal was anything but perfect, players will have to see how things go with Torchlight as it moves forward into a full launch. 

Though the game promises to be loot-based, players can still purchase items from the store, including a Season Pass, Premium Currency, and even a Monthly Pass. Though many players frown upon these types of microtransactions, players can still download and play the game free of charge. 

orchlight: Infinite Open Beta Release
Image via XD Games

According to the official Torchlight Infinite Facebook Page

“Torchlight: Infinite’s Open Beta has now started!

Join us in Torchlight and collect Sparks with your Crow partner to banish the Aember and Aemberons!”

Players can now log in, pick a class, and get to finding all sorts of loot in this exciting ARPG. In addition, with crossplay between mobile devices and PC, players can take the adventure wherever they go with Torchlight: Infinite.

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