Total War Warhammer 3 Devs Unleash Immortal Empires Starting Locations

Thank Sigmar, another update from the Warhammer 3 developers.

Hello, Total War Warhammer fanatics! Today, we got a super exciting update from the developers at Creative Assembly on the new up-and-coming Immortal Empires expansion for Total War Warhammer 3. Finally, the developers have spilled the tea on where some of our favorite lords will start the campaign. Get all the details on the Immortal Empires Starting Locations update below. 

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Total War Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires Starting Locations Update

What’s in a starting location?

Starting locations are a critical lynchpin in your strategy in the Grand Campaign. Do you have a natural barrier on your borders, so you don’t have to fight on all fronts? Or, are you open to attack on all sides and need to concentrate on diplomacy? 

In the expanded 8-player multiplayer grand campaign, this will be even more important as you play with your friends. Do you want to start at different reaches of the map, then combine your forces in the late game? Or, do you want to start closer together to get a strong start? These are essential questions that starting locations will help you determine as you load your first campaign. 

In addition to being important for the campaign’s strategy, the developers have also stated that they are trying as hard as possible to adhere to the lore of the Warhammer universe. Pretty neat. 

Immortal Empires The Empire Starting Locations Update

Here are the locations for The Empire in the new Immortal Empires update:


It wouldn’t be the Empire without an Emperor; Karl Franz continues his ambitions to unite the Elector Counts from the starting settlement of Altdorf.


The Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic continues his own fascination with alchemy from the starting settlement of Pfeildorf.


Leading his motley crew of warriors known as ‘Wuflhart’s Hunters’, the Huntsmaster continues his expeditions within the dangerous jungles of Lustria, starting in the settlement of The Creeping Jungle.


The Grand Theogonist for the Church of Sigmar has abandoned the petty squabbles of the Elector Counts in favor of a zealous crusade within the Southern Realms. His starting settlement will be Sudenberg, where rumor has it that he’s hellbent on finding certain dark artifacts…

Immortal Empires Starting Locations Update Empire Starting Location
Image via Creative Assembly

Takeaways on Immortal Empires The Empire Starting Locations

Well, the bromance between Franz and Balthasar Gelt is getting a sequel in the new expansion. We’re excited to see the potential for The Empire to get in early battles again against the Vampire Counts–if they decide to place them together. We’ll have to wait and see where other placements will be, including Bretonia, which may create some exciting alliances at the beginning of your campaign. 

Immortal Empires Chaos Gods Starting Locations Update

Here are the locations for the Chaos Gods in the new Immortal Empires update:


Defeated by the High Elves of Ulthuan long ago, N’kari has returned to the Shrine of Kurnous where he seeks his vengeance after waiting for an eternity.


The Oracle of Tzeentch has invaded from the Southern Wastes and conquered the Fortress of Dawn, though his designs are an unknowable as ever.


Driven by his endless rage and bloodlust, Skarbrand wages war against the Savage Orcs in the Badlands: collecting and piling their skulls in Deff Gorge.


Kugath has sailed from the southern wastes, drawn by the putrid sludge near the mouth of the River Ruin, settling nearby in Dragon Fang Mount within the Dragon Isles.


The Daemon Prince moves to the Forest of Decay in the northern Chaos Wastes, allowing him to compete for the ultimate leadership of Chaos.

Immortal Empires Starting Locations Update Chaos Gods
Image via Creative Assembly

Takeaways on Immortal Empires Chaos Gods Starting Locations

Many of the Chaos Gods are where you’d expect them to be, with some very notable exceptions. Both Tzeentch and Khorne are getting more southern placements on the map, which should spread a lot of chaos (no pun intended) in the early game if you’re deciding to play Orcs or the eastern Lizardmen. We look forward to seeing how this imminent threat changes the campaign for our favorite green-skinned savages. 

Next up on the developer blog will be a look at Be’lakor’s new dedicated faction. We’re looking forward to seeing what this demon can cook up. 

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