Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island Update – Everything You Need to Know

Are you excited as we are for the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island Update? Here's everything you need to know about what's coming up.

ToF fans have something new to look forward to as Tower of Fantasy has just announced the new version 1.5 Artificial Island! Here’s everything we know about the new upcoming Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island update.

When is the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island Update?

The Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island update releases on September 15, 2022. 

What is in the New Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island Update?

The Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island update will include a lot of new content, including a home system, new bosses, and an entirely new area to help you push your character to a higher level and CS. 

Here’s a list of everything new (that we know so far) coming with the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island Update: 

  • Ring Arena
  • Puddled Lake 
  • Rusty Iron Camp 
  • Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon Boss
  • New Home System 
  • New Supply Pods 
  • Dark Crystal Treasure Chests 
  • New Enemies 

The biggest news is the arrival of Artificial Island. For players pushing it in terms of their gear, level, and CS, this is welcoming news as it will enable you to level your character even higher and explore deeper into the world. 

In terms of locations, we get three new confirmed areas, the Ring Arena, Puddled Lake, and Rusty Iron Camp. We also know that from the Chinese release, we’ll be getting new Supply Pods, Treasure Chests with Dark Crystals, and new enemies for Artificial Island.

Wanderers pushing the game to the limits in terms of experience will likely be around level 64 when the content drops. The new content should provide a nice boost to get players up to that level 70 mark.

Tower of Fantasy Home System

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting update in terms of mechanics is the Home System. Wanderers 50+ will gain access to the home system, enabling players to build their own homes. If it is like the Chinese release, players will have to gather resources all across Aesperia and will be able to build different kinds of buildings. 

There will be new currencies associated with the Home System, and you will be able to set up workstations that produce materials over time. World Bosses and select mobs will drop the new currency required for you to construct and upgrade your home. 

While it isn’t completely clear how all these new systems will work, we can say we’re super excited to build our own little home in the corner of the world. 

Tower of Fantasy Claudia Debut

One of the more exciting things we saw from the trailer, other than the new World Boss, the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, was a new SSR Simulacra, Claudia

Claudia, in the Chinese release, is a Physical type DPS katana-style weapon that is fast and close-range. Her skill is a powerful slashing move that knocks enemies in the air. 

We have to wait and see whether Claudia drops with the 1.5 update.

Watch the full trailer for the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island update below: 

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