Tower of Fantasy Bans Cheaters for 10 Years

Welp, that's quite the punishment

Fans of Tower of Fantasy who have had their hopes of a top 3 in Bygone Phantasm might actually have a chance to now, as Hotta Studios, creators of the wildly famous Tower of Fantasy or ToF, have announced another massive ban wave for cheaters in the game. Continue reading to learn more about the recent bans in Tower of Fantasy. 

Who Was Banned? 

According to the official ToF blog, the developers looked into players with “maliciously cheating/hacking behaviors.” Players of the game will know this well–as we’ve personally witnessed players with a clear time in Bygone Phantasm of 00:00, or players who managed to get to level 300 within days of the game dropping. 

According to Hotta Studio, this included around 1,000 players since the beginning of August. Here are the punishments as laid out by the team: 

  • 10-year account suspension to those who use cheating programs to obtain in-game resources illegally.
  • 10-year account suspension to those who use cheating programs in gameplay modes such as Bygone Phantasm. These accounts will also be removed from the Ranking after the 1.5 version update. 

In addition to removing the malicious accounts, Tower of Fantasy will also provide payouts for players due to the inconvenience. 

Too Severe or Not Severe Enough?

These aren’t the only players who have recently felt the banhammer in ToF. In addition to the above accounts getting banned for a decade, 3,371 accounts have been banned for “severe rule violations.” 

For a free game you can re-download, bans will only result in cheaters creating a new account and repeating the process. However, we hope that moving forward safeguards are put in place to prevent such cheating from occurring again. 

We’re a little lost as to why ToF decided to doll out perma bans to some users and a 10-year ban for others, but at least we can rest assured that these cheaters won’t be able to make an account with the same email for any Hotta game in the near future. 

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