Tower of Fantasy Best Teams (May 2023)

Here's a look at the best team comps in Tower of Fantasy for PvE and PvP content.

There are a lot of SSR weapons available in Tower of Fantasy, and if you got lucky and have a few to choose from, you might be wondering which ones to put on your team. It all depends on what type of content you want to do, but we’ve got some options for you. Below is a list of the best team comps in Tower of Fantasy for PvE, PvP, and more specific events like Bygone Phantasm.

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Tower of Fantasy Best Teams

  • Best PvE team: King, Nemesis, Samir
  • Best PvP team: Coco Ritter, Zero, Samir
  • Best Healing team: Nemesis, Zero, Samir
  • Best Bygone Phantasm team: King, Nemesis, Samir

Best PvE Team in Tower of Fantasy

The best PvE team in Tower of Fantasy is King, Nemesis, and Samir. 

Samir is the highest damage character who can dish out massive numbers on enemies with broken shields. King, on the other hand, is perhaps the best shatter character. Lots of PvE content includes enemies with high and even regenerating shields.

Finally, we’ll use the limited character Nemesis. She is a support role weapon, but King and Samir activate the DPS role bonus. Nemesis is also a lightning character, which unlocks Volt Resonance and synergizes well with Samir. She can dish out damage and also buff and heal up the team.

The team setup here is also great for Wormhole, specifically due to Nemesis’ ability to heal and boost overall damage.

Best Healing Team in Tower of Fantasy

The best PvE team in Tower of Fantasy is Nemesis, Zero, and Samir.

Zero and Nemesis are both healing weapons, which activates the healing bonus for this team comp. As you may have gathered by now, Nemesis is a Volt weapon and one of the strongest characters in the game. Zero has high charge-generating moves and can grant strong shields and powerups for the team.

Since the healers are taken care of, you can throw Samir on the team, as she is the character with the highest overall DPS. Not to mention, Samir synergizes extremely well with Nemesis at the moment, making her the perfect option for the third weapon.

Best PvP Team in Tower of Fantasy

The best teams for PvP in Tower of Fantasy are:

  • Coco Ritter, Zero, Samir

Coco Ritter and Zero are the two core weapons to use for a solid all-around PvP team. Coco Ritter has a strong combo that can stunlock enemies, assuming you’re not out of stamina.

Zero is another top contender in PvP, primarily because of his high damage and hard-to-break shield. The latter is not debuffed in PvP, so it will be extremely tough for other players to deal with it.

Samir can be swapped with other characters like Crow, Meryl, and Nemesis. Who you use should be dictated by who you enjoy playing most or who you’re best with in PvP.

Best Bygone Phantasm Team in Tower of Fantasy

The best team for the Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy is:

  • King, Nemesis, Samir

The setup probably looks familiar to you, and that’s because it’s the same as our best PvE setup. This team is great in Bygone Phantasm because we have high damage with Samir and Nemesis, coupled with high shield breaking/shatter abilities with King. The Bygone Phantasm event has many shielded enemies, so you’ll want good shatter and damage characters.

For those free-to-play players out there, you could consider running Ene. She’s an SR defense character that uses an ice hammer. Ene has an uninterruptible left-click spam ability that does some incredible damage, especially on floors with powered-up frost weapons.

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