Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List: Best SSR and SR Relics (May 2023)

It's important you spend your currency wisely in ToF. Clueless about the best SSR Relic in Tower of Fantasy? We're here to help.

One of the core ways to boost your DPS or support skills in Tower of Fantasy is by equipping relics. Relics come in two variants: SR and SSR, or epic and legendary. Players can equip two relics in three different loadouts for a total of six relics. Our Tower of Fantasy relic tier list ranks the best SSR and SR relics.

We’ve determined the best relics in Tower of Fantasy to use if you’re looking to maximize your damage output. The results are based purely on damage output, as that’s the most important thing in Tower of Fantasy. Support classes may opt for some different relics, but overall, this is what you’ll want to use for difficult and endgame content.

Tower of Fantasy Relic Tier List

  • S-Tier: Omnium Shield, Couant, Spacetime Rift, Hologram Projector
  • A-Tier: Drone, Jetpack
  • B-Tier: Colossus Arm, Type V Armor, Strange Cube, Magnetic Storm, Lava Bomb, Alternate Destiny, Missile Barrage
  • C-Tier: Confinement, Omnium Handcannon, Hovering Cannon, Magnetic Pulse
  • D-Tier: Omnium Handcannon, Jetboard,

Tower of Fantasy SSR Relic Tier List

The best SSR relics in Tower of Fantasy are:

  • S-Tier: Omnium Shield, Hologram Projector
  • A-Tier: Drone, Spacetime Rift
  • B-Tier: Alternate Destiny
  • C-Tier: Colossus Arms, Type V Armor, Confinement

Omnium Shield, Hologram Projector, Drone, and Spacetime Rift are the best SSR Relics in Tower of Fantasy. These four go-to relics should always be equipped if you want to maximize your damage.

Colossus Arms and Type V Armor are ranked low because they are relics that replace your attacks, resulting in a DPS loss at high levels. These may be useful in the early game, but you get them for free through events and other content, so they are not worth investing in at any point.

Confinement also has no real use in PvE. Alternate Destiny can be useful for support, but why use it when you can buff your team’s damage instead and increase your clear speed?

Tower of Fantasy SR Relic Tier List

The best SSR relics in Tower of Fantasy are:

  • S-Tier: Couant, Jetpack
  • A-Tier: Magnetic Storm, Missile Barrage
  • B-Tier: Lava Bomb
  • C-Tier: Jetpack, Quantum Cloak, Hovering Cannon, Jetboard, Strange Cube, Omnium Handcannon, Cybernetic Arm, Magnetic Pulse

Couant and Jetpack are the best SR relics in Tower of Fantasy. Couant is a highly looked over SR relic, and it grants an incredible overall damage boost. You should be using Couant as your primary SR relic.

Obviously, Jetpack is just necessary for exploration purposes, so you’ll always have it in one of your six relic slots unless you are a glutton for punishment and enjoy changing your loadout every battle.

After maxing out these SR relics, go for the relics that have four-star passives that boost your specific elemental damage. Priorities are Lava Bomb, Hovering Cannon, Magnetic Storm, and Missile Barrage since they do active damage as well.

Tower of Fantasy PvP Relic Tier List

  • S-Tier: Couant, Magnetic Pulse
  • A-Tier: Cybernetic Arm, Alternate Destiny, Drone, Quantum Cloak
  • B-Tier: Missile Barrage, Strange Cube, Jetpack
  • C-Tier: Confinement, Type V Armor, Colossus Arm, Spacetime Rift, Magnetic Storm

Generally, Couant and Magnetic Pulse are great relics for PvP, as they have low cooldowns and allow players to be more versatile.

What are the best relics in Tower of Fantasy?

The best relics in Tower of Fantasy are Omnium Shield, Couant, Spacetime Rift, Hologram Projector, and Missile Barrage. You should equip all of these relics, and rotate through them like this:

Tower of Fantasy Relic Rotation for Max Damage

  1. Drone
  2. Spacetime Rift
  3. Hologram Projector
  4. Couant
  5. Omnium Shield

Start by sending out your Drone, as it takes time to fully scale up the damage (5% every 5 seconds). Next, cast your Hologram Projector and Spacetime Rift. The Hologram Projector is the only relic with a long cast animation, so there is essentially an opener. Finally, follow it up with Couant and Omnium Shield. Use them in this order to maximize your damage output.

What about the sixth relic, you might be wondering? Well, you’ll need the Jetpack equipped for exploration purposes.

Hopefully, this guide helps you decide on the best SR and SSR relics in Tower of Fantasy for you.

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