Tower of Fantasy Vehicle Maintenance Farming Guide

Here are some of the best spots to farm vehicle maintenance parts in Tower of Fantasy.

Want to level up your vehicles in the Tower of Fantasy as quickly as possible? Well, you’ll want to get on that vehicle maintenance-part grind. There are a few good spots that you can loot daily and an infinite route you can use to kill mech and robot enemies that can drop vehicle parts. In this Tower of Fantasy vehicle maintenance farming guide, we’ll outline all the good locations.

Where to Find Vehicle Maintenance Parts in Tower of Fantasy

The best spots to find vehicle maintenance parts in Tower of Fantasy are:

  1. Hykros
  2. Banges Dock
  3. Banges Shelter
  4. Mech enemies in Banges


Hykros is the best and easiest spot to farm vehicle maintenance parts in Tower of Fantasy. You can find parts inside garbage cans, vending machines, cardboard boxes, and various containers.

We’ve outlined every container in Hykros where you can find vehicle parts on the map below. Red markers are the garbage cans on the first floor, and the green markers are on the second floor. You can run this route once per day, as it takes 24 hours for the containers to become lootable again.

Tower of Fantasy - Hykros Vehicle Maintenance Farm

Banges Dock

Another good spot to check every day for vehicle parts is Banges Dock. Three flat chests here have a chance to drop purple vehicle parts, as well as the usual green and blue. The locations are marked on the map below.

Tower of Fantasy - Banges Dock Vehicle Maintenance Farm

Banges Shelter

Like the last spot, another good place to add to your route is Banges Dock. There are three to four chests here that can contain vehicle parts. The spots are marked on the map below.

Tower of Fantasy - Banges Shelter  Vehicle Maintenance Farm

Mech Enemies

Lastly, you can kill any type of mech or robot enemies you find around the map for vehicle maintenance parts. Enemies include the robot treasure guards (Disciple Esslewssor and Disciple Enurgeis), Small Automated Armor, Alpha Mouse Mitch, and Ironwings Elite.

Here are a few locations in Banges that have a decent density of robot enemies.

In case you need it, here are a few mugshots of the bad guys we’re looking to destroy. All of them can drop vehicle maintenance parts.

There you have it, a few nice farm routes in case you want to collect some extra vehicle maintenance parts in Tower of Fantasy. Hopefully, this helps you out if you’re looking to level up your vehicles.

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