Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 Announced

The Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 trailer reveals interesting clues on the global rollout

Fans of the latest MMOARPG, Tower of Fantasy, just got something new to get excited about. According to an official ToF post, a whole new cyber-punk world will make its way to the game soon. Learn more about the Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 update below. 

When is the Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 Update?

Most ToF fans know that the global version of Tower of Fantasy closely follows the original Chinese release, with some changes. This has led many to speculate that the schedule will closely reflect the original release in Asia. 

However, that being said, there’s no guarantee that Hotta Studio plans on rolling out the game globally as they did with the original version. 

For one, their primary competitor, Genshin Impact, recently announced a huge new update, so they may accelerate the speed of new content to compete. 

Secondly, there have been differences between the Chinese and Global releases of the game thus far, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that the update schedule for the game may also be different. If they follow the trend of most large gaming studios, they’ll be sure to drop something big right before the holiday season. 

Clues From the ToF Vera 2.0 Trailer

If we look closely at the trailer, we see the Ruby Simulacra make an appearance. According to the Chinese release, this would mean that the Vera 2.0 update would release sometime in April or May–too far away for an official announcement trailer to drop today. 

Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 Announced
Image via Hotta Studio

Though this is all speculation because, as of today, Hotta Studio has not officially announced when they plan on releasing ToF Vera 2.0. 

Watch the sneak peek to Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 below: 

What is the Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 Update?

If we look at the Chinese version of 2.0, we’ll see that The Vera is a central location for upgraded cosmetics and other goodies in the Tower of Fantasy. 

According to the official ToF YouTube page: 

The Vera area was under the jurisdiction of The Seventh District of Hykros before the Cataclysm, and lost contact with the main Plane after the Cataclysm. 

The environment is dominated by the desert Gobby, and the overall climate is hot and dry. Due to the failure of its local Vera Tower of Fantasy after the Cataclysm, its space-time dimension cannot be calibrated on the main Plane, nor can it obtain a stable supply of original energy. The intensity of the original energy radiation in the area is gradually decreasing, except for some heavily polluted areas. Although most of the surface environment can be used for human activities, the majority of people in Vera live in the “Mirroria”.

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