Tower of Fantasy Vitality – How it Works and How to Get More

Are all the different currencies in ToF making your head spin? Here's what Vitality is in Tower of Fantasy, how it works and where to get it.

There are many in-game resources and currency in Tower of Fantasy, so understanding them all takes some time. One type of resource that’s common to all gacha games is Stamina. Tower of Fantasy’s stamina system is called Vitality, and it allows you to participate in various in-game activities to get more loot and resources. Here’s a quick rundown on how Vitality works in Tower of Fantasy and how to get more of it. 

How Does Vitality Work in Tower of Fantasy

Vitality is a naturally regenerating in-game resource that allows Wanderers to participate in Select Adventures. These adventures include:

  1. Joint Operation: 90 Vitality (Unlocks at level 20)
  2. Dimensional Trials: 30 Vitality (Unlocks at level 21)
  3. Interstellar Exploration: 30 Vitality (Unlocks at level 23)
  4. Omnium Beacon: 30 Vitality (Unlocks at level 28)
  5. Spacetime Domain: 30 Vitality (Unlocks at level 29)

To use your Vitality, open the Adventure tab and navigate to the Select tab. Your Vitality is the number on the top-right of the screen. View each activity and reward to see which ones you want to run. We recommend doing Joint Operations and popping a Joint Supply Chip to increase your chances of obtaining Master and Ultimate equipment.

How to Get More Vitality in Tower of Fantasy

Vitality recovers over time in Tower of Fantasy, giving you one Vitality Point every 8 minutes. Vitality caps out at 180. The Vitality over time is:

  • 8 Minutes: 1 Vitality Point
  • 4 Hours: 30 Vitality Points
  • 6 Hours: 45 Vitality Points
  • 12 Hours: 95 Vitality Points
  • 24 Hours: 180 Vitality Points

Another way to recover Vitality is by purchasing and using Vitality Solutions from the in-game Shop. To purchase Vitality solutions, go to the in-game Shop and tap on the HOT tab. You can purchase up to four per day, and the cost goes up after each purchase, capping out at 200 Dark Crystals.

  1. 50 Dark Crystals
  2. 100 Dark Crystals
  3. 200 Dark Crystals
  4. 200 Dark Crystals

After purchasing a Vitality Solution, you can open your backpack and use the item to regain 60 Vitality.

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