Twisted Metal Show in Post-Production

No one's gonna want to mess with this clown

While we’re usually not this excited for franchise reboots, we have to admit that the new Twisted Metal series has got us excited. Any millennial or kid that grew up even tangentially close to the 90s or 2000s will remember the Twisted Metal series. An amalgamation of concepts, Twisted Metal can best be described as a vehicular fighting game. But in reality–it’s a lot more than that. 

What’s the Deal with New Twisted Metal Series?

Michael Jonathan, the writer on Netflix’s Cobra Kai, will be teaming up with Will Arnett, executive producer on the show. 

The show will follow an ambitious “motor-mouthed” character given a chance to compete in the legendary Twisted Metal tournament. 

From this synopsis, we can figure that the main protagonist will be like your character in the PlayStation games–walking into this thing for the first time, surrounded by horrifying, at times non-human, entities. 

The show is being marketed as an action comedy, and we’re glad–as we couldn’t see a Twisted Metal series being anything but that. 

Bojack Horseman’s Voice as Sweet Tooth

In addition to executive producing, actor and producer Will Arnett will also be acting as the titular character of Sweet Tooth. For those who aren’t fans of Gob Bluth from Arrested Development, Arnett is an accomplished actor with a deep and distinctive voice. We think it’s a perfect match for the deep and disturbing voice of Sweet Tooth in the games.

Bojack Horseman via Netflix

In addition to Arnett, there comes a star-studded cast of talented and accomplished actors. 

Anthony Mackie (Falcon from the Avengers) will be playing John Doe–who we assume will be the protagonist, according to Deadline

The cast also includes Neve Campbell as Raven, Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone, and Chelle Ramos (The Walking Dead, Outer Banks), just to name a few. 

That being said, it looks like a lot of the cast will only be featured in 1 episode, according to the IMDB page, leading one to believe that this will be a procedural-like TV show, where each episode will feature a new villain or character that the main character has to take down. We’ll have to wait and see to know what the show is actually about. 

When and Where Can I Watch Twisted Metal?

Twisted Metal will be streaming exclusively on Peacock, according to MovieWeb

While the official release date has yet to be announced, it’s been stated by show writer Michael Jonathan that the show has wrapped shooting and is now entering post-production. While that gives us some loose timeline, only time can tell depending on how much CGI and editing are required. 

The cast and crew of Twisted Metal was something special. Even with lightning delays, extreme heat, and cars that wouldn’t do as they’re told, everyone worked as hard as they could to make sure Twisted Metal kicked as much as possible. The last day of shooting felt like the last day of camp, with lots of laughs, a few tears, and ice cream being handed out the back of Sweet Tooth’s truck. We all cannot wait for you to see this insane thing we spent our summer shooting. Now, to post!

Michael Jonathan via Twitter

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