Twitch Changes Revenue Model for Streamers, Community Responds

Many are not happy with the new changes in profit share

According to a letter posted today on the official Twitch blog from President Dan Clancy, Twitch will change how some streamers get paid on the platform. 

According to the post

“For subscriptions, we use a baseline revenue share of 50/50 on the net revenue from those earnings. The vast majority of Twitch streamers have these terms in their agreement. However, for some time we did offer standard agreements with premium subscription terms to select streamers as they grew larger.”

He then goes on to say: 

“For these streamers still on these premium deals, we’re adjusting the deal so that they retain their 70/30 revenue share split for the first $100K earned through subscription revenue. Revenue above $100K will be split at the standard 50/50 share split.”

Dan Clancy, Twitch President

What Does this all Mean? 

According to Clancy, these changes will not affect 90% of the Twitch streaming community. However, larger streamers who started streaming early and gained access to these “premium deals” could potentially see a significant cut in their monthly revenue as a result. 

Clancy states:

Our recent bump in ads revenue share to 55% as part of the Ads Incentive Program is a great way for these larger streamers to make up most, if not all, of that revenue.

Dan Clancy, Twitch President

However, certain streamers voiced their displeasure on Twitter. Streamers like Jacksepticeye said: 

“What a mess. Owned by Amazon and acting like some amateur platform. It’s no wonder so many of your partners are jumping ship to YT”

Other streamers like ConnorEatsPants replied to the news as well. 

“Amazed that this blog post announcing creator pay cuts, also included mention the site’s owner: Amazon, a literal trillion dollar company. Servers that can’t even support streams over 8k bitrate. Youtube offers 70/30 revenue split, and over quadruple the bitrate.”

What do you think of the changes to Twitch’s revenue model? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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