Valheim Adds Crossplay Support in Patch 0.211.7

Cheers! You can now adventure with your friends.

Iron Gate Studios is bringing crossplay to Valheim in a new update releasing on September 27, 2022. This means that PC players of this hardcore Viking survival game can now play with their friends, regardless of their platform. In addition to being able to play between PC and console, the update brings crossplay between Windows and Linux operating systems as well.

The Update Adds Network Optimization to Valheim

On top of enabling crossplay, the newest update on September 27 also seeks to update the network optimization. This means that there should be less noticeable lag when playing with other players and hosting a game. Vikings can rejoice at this news, as this means that survival just got a little bit easier with a higher quality network connection.

On top of making crossplay possible and overall teamwork smoother, the patch also makes the following changes:

Patch 0.211.7 Notes:

  • Crossplay support added
  • ‘Manage saves’ GUI added so that it’s easier for players to restore/remove saves & backups
  • Minor network optimization for in-game hosting (Less demanding for the host when other players are in the game at the same time)
  • ‘Join Game’ tab has been updated. Players can now add favorite servers and see if a server is running and if they support crossplay or not.**
  • Players can now use the parameter ‘-crossplay’ while running Dedicated servers to support crossplay. When using this parameter, the backend will be running Playfab instead of Steamworks. (A ‘Join code’ will appear when you join a Dedicated server supporting crossplay. Players can use this code to join the server)

See the full patch notes on Steam

Valheim Lets Players Survive as Vikings

Valheim is a third-person survival game based on Vikings and Norse mythology. In Valheim, players must work together to survive by building tools, defeating enemies, and finding and building the shelter they need. This is done by gathering materials, including food and other resources from across the different biomes that make up this procedurally generated world. The game is currently in early release and is available to be played on PC with the Steam client.

Is Valheim Coming to Xbox?

Valheim is scheduled to be released on Xbox Game Pass in early Spring 2023.

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