Valheim Brings Hardcore Viking Survival to Game Pass

Valheim is coming to PC Game Pass this Fall and will follow with a release on Xbox Game Pass in Spring 2023.

Valheim is a Viking survival game that took the gaming world by storm when it dropped in Early Access on Steam in February 2021. The addicting crafting and survival experience, jam-packed into an impressive 1.3 GB of game files, will soon be made available to a broader audience of gamers. 

At the extended Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, developer Iron Gate AB and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing announced that Valheim will be coming to PC Game Pass this Fall and Xbox Game Pass in early 2023.

While the official announcement only dropped today, we already knew Valheim was coming to PC Game Pass, thanks to the Xbox’s roundup of games coming to Xbox/PC over the next 12 months. The announcement means Valheim will officially be coming to consoles, but we still have no word on when the game will officially be out of Early Access.

The official Valheim Console Announcement video dropped on YouTube today on Iron Gate’s channel. 

For gamers unfamiliar with Valheim, it’s a punishing yet rewarding open-world survival, crafting, and exploration game inspired by Viking culture. Players start in a procedurally generated world, and must hunt, collect, craft, and build to stay alive and grow strong enough to venture into more dangerous territory. The game can be enjoyed solo or with friends in online co-op.

Will Valheim Support Crossplay?

Yes, Valheim will fully support crossplay between Xbox, Microsoft, and Steam. That means players on PC can hop into some online co-op with friends playing on Xbox consoles, and vice versa.

Valheim is now available on Steam and will be available on PC Game Pass this Fall along with Xbox Game Pass in Spring 2023.