What Do the Purple Flowers Do in Tower of Fantasy

Here's a quick rundown of what the big purple flowers do in Tower of Fantasy, and how to open them to get some free resources.

You’ll encounter lots of strange things on the alien planet of Aida in Tower of Fantasy. As you adventure through Astra to gather resources, you will inevitably encounter a strange-looking purple flower. This guide will explain what the purple flowers do in Tower of Fantasy and how to crack them open.

How to Open Purple Flowers in Tower of Fantasy

To open the purple flowers in Tower of Fantasy:

  1. Locate a core around the purple flower.
  2. Lift up the core by pressing F.
  3. Aim the core at the purple flower, and toss it inside.
  4. Collect your rewards.

If the purple flower emits trails of purple essence from it, it has some loot inside for you. You can actually get a bunch of Black Nucleus this way, so it’s not something you want to ignore if you’re looking to get as many summons as possible.

One thing that may need further clarification is the “cores.” Cores are little enemies that roll around, and they’re usually found nearby these big purple flowers. You can walk up to one and pick it up by pressing the “F” key. While carrying the core, you can look where you want to throw it, pay attention to the trajectory, and then left-click to toss it.

There you have it; that’s how to open the purple flowers in Tower of Fantasy. Make sure not to pass these up if you’re looking to gather as many Black Nucleus as possible.

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