What is Anger Foot?

Put your butt-kicking skills to the test and master the foot

Free Lives, the team behind classics such as Broforce, Genital Jousting, Terra Nil, and GORN, has been hard at work on a new title called Anger Foot. The bass-blasting action game gives off some serious Hotline Miami vibes, another game published by Devolver Digital. You may have heard people talking about Anger Foot recently, and that’s because the demo is now playable on Steam. So, what is Anger Foot exactly?

What is Anger Foot?

Anger Foot is a high-octane first-person action arcade shooter game developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. The game occurs in Shit City, a “caffeine-fuelled fever dream” occupied by anthropomorphic raving gangsters. Your foot is the cure to the diseased city, and it’s up to you to kick some ass. Lace-up various footwear to gain bonuses like high-powered kicks, and use whatever weapons you can find at your disposal to get the job done.

Is Anger Foot Coming to Consoles?

According to the developers, there are plans to port Anger Foot to consoles. PlayStation and Xbox are the first likely candidates to receive ports, and Nintendo Switch will require additional testing. 

The Anger Foot demo is free-to-play on Steam and includes 11 levels to play through. Aside from your foot, you’ll get to experience gameplay with three different weapons. You can also unlock some additional sneakers for bonuses if you play your cards right.

When does Anger Foot release?

Anger Foot releases sometime in 2023. Fans can wishlist the game and try out the free-to-play demo on Steam.

Learn more about Anger Foot on the Devolver Digital website. Follow the developers on Twitter and join the Free Lives Discord to join the community.

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