What is Rust Hardcore Mode?

Tired of vanilla Rust? Rust Hardcore Mode brings an entirely new experience to veteran players.

Longtime players of Rust have lived through the game through many different iterations. While many have come to welcome the new experience provided in Rust Vanilla, it left a lot to be desired for hardcore players that loved the more punishing experience of earlier iterations of the game. Luckily for us, the new mode announced from Facepunch Studios addresses most of these issues. So, what is Rust Hardcore Mode all about?

What is Rust Hardcore Mode?

Hardcore Mode is a new game mode in Rust that eliminates safezones, the team system, and maps. Hardcore Mode is designed to be a more hardcore and ruthless experience for veteran Rust players.

Many QoL “enhancements” over the years have made the game more palatable to casuals but ultimately changed the game for Hardcore players who loved using local chat and whispering to teammates in their houses.

Here’s a full list of changes you can expect on Hardcore Rust servers:


  • Local chat (100m range)
  • Limit of 5 sleeping bags & beds
  • In-game changelog (top left of inventory)


  • Contact system
  • Compass
  • Crawling when wounded
  • Global chat
  • Rust+
  • Team system
  • Map
  • MLRS
  • Safe zones


  • Blueprints wipe monthly

However, it wouldn’t be accurate to call this an “organic” callback to the survival elements of previous versions. Modifications like adding a changelog to your inventory show that this mode is meant to be purely PvP-focused, as veteran Rust players have gotten used to checking how much damage they’ve done before ragequitting a session. Getting weapons, looting, and finding new blueprints is going to take a lot more in the new version of the game.

Here’s a video including all the changes:

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