What is Sapiens the Game?

If you're into God games, Sapiens might be for you

As accessibility to game development improves, independent game developers lead the industry in innovation and are the catalysts to many new, good ideas. If you need any proof, look at games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Not only was the game created by a group of indie developers, but it also went on to sell millions of copies and sparked an entire trend in the gaming industry. Sapiens is a God game developed by essentially one developer, Dave Frampton, over the last 7 years. Here’s what you need to know about Sapiens the game. 

What is Sapiens? 

Sapiens is a God game where you control the fate of hapless troglodytes and overcome the elements and other tribes. Developed by indie game developers Majic Jungle, Sapiens focuses on rudimentary building from an overhead isometric perspective. 

Watch the trailer for the game here: 

As much as Sapiens is a God game, it’s also part survival game. Building a thriving city, especially in the Stone Age, isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You need to keep your villagers warm and make sure they have enough food and the right resources to scale the city. In a lot of ways, the game played very similarly to other town/city-sims. 

Your villagers gather materials, you unlock new buildings and production capabilities, and eventually, your loinclothed villagers level up, as much as a Cro-Magnon could level up, that is. Each villager has a role and can be better or worse at specific functions depending on how much experience they have doing it. 

Even though we had limited playtime, Sapiens looks to have a lot of potential. If you’re into slow-burn city sims but are looking to bash a mammoth over the head with a crude club, Sapiens is the game for you. 

Sapiens Release Date

Sapiens releases on July 26, 2022, on Steam. If you’d like to try the game before buying it, you can download the demo on the Steam page. 

Head over to Dave Frampton’s YouTube page, where he outlines a lot of the development process of Sapiens the game. 

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