Where is Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy?

Are you on the hunt for the Frost Bot World Boss in ToF? Here's where he's located, his drops, and how you can beat him.

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is an amazing, action-packed experience filled with a plethora of different challenges. One of the most fun aspects of the game is taking on the various World Bosses that spawn in the game world. If you’re looking for the Frost Bot World Boss that everyone keeps talking about in the ToF global chat but are unsure of where they are located, this guide is for you. This guide also covers tips and tricks on defeating Frost Bot and the rewards he drops. Here’s where you can find Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy.

Where is Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy?

Frost Bot is located in the Navia region west of Navia Bay. 

See the map below for the exact location of Frost Bot: 

Frost Bot location in ToF

If you don’t see him in your game, it’s because he was recently defeated and needs to respawn. You can wait for him to respawn or head to our channel switching guide and find a channel he’s in. Check the global chat in the bottom left of your screen to see where other players call him out. 

Frost Bot World Boss Attacks

The Frost Bot World Boss in ToF has the following attacks: 

  • A forward dash that charges into players
  • A whirlwind attack that damages players around him
  • Powerful AOE fire attack that damages players around him
  • Frozen projectile orbs that temporarily freeze players

The most challenging aspect of killing Frost Bot is his freezing moves, which can be frustrating and stun lock you for several seconds. 

You can remove the freeze effect from teamates by attacking them with a fire weapon. 

To prevent being frozen for an extended period, charge into Frost Bot when he is using his freezing attack. The AoE from your teammate’s fire moves will defrost you quickly.

Frost Bot World Boss Rewards

The following rewards are available for the Frost Bot World Boss in ToF: 

  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Huma: Matrix
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Hovercannon Shard
  • Matrix data pack III
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Frost Bot: Matrix

And there you have it! That’s all you need to know about Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy or ToF. 

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