Where to Find Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy

Here's a guide on where to find Dabry's Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy, an elusive fish you'll need to collect for a side mission.

In the shared open-world action RPG known as Tower of Fantasy, part of the fun is exploring the vast lands of Aida. Throughout your journeys, you’ll come across lots of different collectible resources, such as cooking ingredients like poultry, vegetable, and fish. One of the tougher ingredients to find is Dabry’s Sturgeon. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy, and give you some tips to help you out.

For the Taste of the Sea side mission questline, you’ll need to collect some Dabry’s Sturgeon. It can be a difficult fish to locate, but we’ll provide you with the exact area to search through down below. At least that way, you’ll know you’re looking in the right place.

Where to Find Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy

Dabry’s Sturgeon can be found in the Blue River area in the Astra region in Tower of Fantasy. The blue river runs from west to east through the middle of Astra. If you’re having trouble finding one, wait until sunset because that’s when Dabry’s Sturgeon tends to appear most.

Look at the map below for the exact location of several Dabry’s Sturgeon.

Tower of Fantasy Dabry’s Sturgeon Location

You’ll inevitably encounter lots of bass in the rivers, but the sturgeon also have a chance to spawn there. Remember, they like shallow water and tend to appear most at sunset. Keep that in mind, and you should find one in no time.

After you find two of them for Jupiter’s quest, you can turn in the quest to get the Surf and Turf recipe.

Screenshot via Gamer Digest

The Surf and Turf recipe in Tower of Fantasy requires 1 Dabry’s Sturgeon and 2 Poultry eggs. It regenerates 8 satiety and immediately restores 13% + 10,000 HP to the Wanderer. Quite the powerful food.

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