Where to Find Laver in Tower of Fantasy

Here's a quick rundown on where to find Laver in Tower of Fantasy, one of the many harvestable resources found in Banges.

There are dozens of gatherable resources in Tower of Fantasy, many of which you’ll need to collect for random side missions. One of these resources is called Laver, and it’s a little challenging to find if you don’t know where to look. This guide will show you where to find Laver in Tower of Fantasy.

Laver is a variety of kelp that is easily washed ashore by waves. In Tower of Fantasy, it regenerates 1 satiety, and you can use it to restore 4% +2,000 HP to your Wanderer immediately. When you reach Banges, there’s a side mission called Foodie Girl I that asks you to pick 5 laver from the beach.

Where to Find Laver in Tower of Fantasy

Laver is found on the southwestern beaches of the Banges region in Tower of Fantasy. 

Refer to the map below for examples of Laver locations near the Foodie Girl. You can go to any of these locations and easily pick 5 Laver to satisfy the quest requirements.

Tower of Fantasy Laver Locations in Banges

Like any other harvestable resource, you can simply walk over to the Laver and press F to pick it up. Laver is used to complete Patty’s Foodie Girl I quest, and it’s also used in one known recipe:

  • Seaweed and Egg Soup: 2 Laver, 1 Poultry Egg
    • Recovers 7 Satiety
    • Recovers 12% + 3,300 HP

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