Where to Find Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

Here's a guide on where to find Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy, one of the game's many gatherable resources.

There are tons of different resources to collect in Tower of Fantasy, some of which can be used to cook food and learn new recipes. Others are used in random side missions, where you’ll need to collect several random ingredients to complete a quest. This guide will show you where to find mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Find Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy

Mushrooms can be found at the following locations in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Southwest of the Southern Ring Ranges Spacerift.
  • West of the Shelter Spacerift.
  • Next to the Northern Ring Ranges Spacerift.
  • Next to the Battle Training Facility.

The map below shows the four locations where you can find mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy’s Astra continent. There are four main areas where you can loot them off the ground, but you can also get them in a couple of other ways.

Tower of Fantasy Mushrooms Locations Map
Tower of Fantasy Mushrooms Locations

You can also find mushrooms by killing Shroomen and opening crates or cyphers. You’ll also typically find mushrooms on the ground next to the Huge mushrooms you can bounce on.

What are Mushrooms Used for in Tower of Fantasy?

Mushrooms can be used in cooking to make the following recipes in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Fried Mushrooms: 2 Mushrooms
  • Mushroom Soup: 2 Mushrooms, 2 Lettuce
  • Sliced Fish with Mushroom: 2 Mushroom, 1 Silver Bass
  • Dandelion Mushroom Soup: 1 Dandelion Seed, 2 Mushroom
  • Sea Crab Soup: 2 Hermit Crab, 4 Mushroom

There you have it–that’s where to find mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy. You’ll likely come across a side quest on Astra where you need to collect five mushrooms for one of the NPCs. Now, you can easily knock this quest out by going to one of the four locations posted above. 

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