Wordle Hint for September 16 2022 (#454)

We have the Wordle hints for today’s puzzle, so you can get some assistance and figure out the answer without spoiling the fun.

If you’re familiar with Wordle, you know that the daily word is not always easy to solve. With tens of thousands of possible five-letter words, there are bound to be a few really tricky ones in the mix. That’s why we put together these Wordle hints for September 16 (puzzle #454). 

We’ve compiled a few Wordle hints below that can help you figure out today’s puzzle. The clues will give you some ideas about how many vowels and consonants are in the solution. Sometimes, a few hints like this are more than enough to give you a push and help you figure out the mystery word. 

Check out our Wordle answers if you want to skip the hints and move straight on to the answer. You can also use our Wordle solver tool to help you figure out some ideas based on your in-game hints.

Wordle Hint for September 16 2022

We’ve put together a few Wordle hints to help you out with today’s puzzle. Figuring out the solutions isn’t always exactly as easy as it sounds, and there’s nothing wrong with looking up a hint. These hints are designed so that you still have to use some critical thinking to figure out today’s 5-letter word.

The hints for today’s Wordle are:

  • The word beings with a consonant.
  • The word ends in a consonant.
  • There are 2 vowels in the Wordle.
  • There are 3 consonants in the Wordle.
  • The word has a consonant in the middle (3rd position).
  • There are repeat letters in the Wordle.

Word Lists for Today’s Wordle

We’ve also compiled some word lists that show you specific letters in the Wordle for September 16 2022. Below you can find hints about the first, middle, and last letters for the five-letter word of the day.

Wordle Tips and Tricks

  • Use good starting words - Using good starting words can make solving the daily Wordle much easier. A good starting word includes all unique letters (no repeats), and common letters. Each subsequent guess should include totally unique letters independent of your first guess unless you've managed to figure out all five letters in the Wordle.

Check back daily for more Wordle hints if you ever need help with a daily puzzle. For more related word games, you can check out our list of games similar to Wordle.