Xbox Lunar Shift Controller Announced for Xbox X|S for $70

The Xbox Lunar Shift Controller is landing

Having a good controller is paramount to being able to succeed in any game. On top of having a controller that functions properly, looks are a plus. With the reveal of Microsoft’s new Xbox Lunar Shift Xbox Series X|S Controller, players can conquer their video game worlds with the controller’s out-of-this-world appearance. 

With a design based on the moon, fans will appreciate the silver color that, according to Microsoft, “shifts from silver to gold when the light hits it just right, giving the controller a stylized, smokey atmosphere.”

Xbox Lunar Shift Has Landed with Custom Options

Fans don’t need a rocket ship to enjoy this premium lunar experience. Featuring smokey colors with rubberized textures and black swirl grips, gamers can anticipate each Lunar Shift controller being truly unique in the patterns it provides. On top of that, with the newest Xbox Accessories App, gamers can map their controllers to have a truly unique and customizable experience. 

Purchase the Xbox Lunar Shift Controller here.

Gamers Can Also Charge in Style with the Lunar Shift Charger

By partnering with Razer, fans of the brand can get their hands on a special charger for their new Lunar Shift controller that matches the fantastic smokey color, giving players an easy way to ensure they are always ready to play their favorite games.

Xbox Lunar Shift Controller Announced
Image via Microsoft

Purchase the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox here.

The Lunar Shift Xbox Controller can be purchased at multiple retailers for $69.99. Players who pick it up can use it not just the Xbox consoles but can connect them to their Windows 10 PCs or other devices, including Bluetooth.

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