XDefiant Open Beta Dates and Details

If you’re excited to hop back into the action of Ubisoft’s upcoming title, XDefiant, we’ve got all the details that you need to know.

Ubisoft just announced another Open Session for their highly-anticipated COD-like FPS, XDefiant, during Ubisoft Forward today. This time, all players who sign up will be able to play during the days of June 21-23, 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming XDefinant Open Session, including details and where/how to sign up. 

XDefiant Open Beta Dates

The XDefiant Open Beta will occur from June 21-23, 2023. During this time, players can log into the game on PC, Xbox X|S, and PlayStation 5. 

Though the listed dates are Wednesday to Friday, there is a chance that the game’s developers, Ubisoft, will expand the open beta dates if there is enough interest. 

How to Sign Up for XDefiant Open Beta

To sign up for the open beta: 

  1. Visit the XDefiant website
  2. Click Register to Play and select your platform. 
  3. Log into your Ubisoft account, or create one
  4. Download the open beta of XDefiant between June 21 and June 23. 

XDefiant is a fast-paced first-person shooter to rival the titans of the industry like Call of Duty. This fast-paced received generally positive feedback from the FPS community when the closed beta occurred earlier this year on April 17, 2023. 

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