Best Vector .45 ACP XDefiant Loadout: Build & How to Unlock

Here's the best Vector .45 ACP XDefiant loadout, including the best build, attachments, and a look at the overall weapon stats.

The SMG weapon class is dominant in XDefiant due to the game’s fast-paced gameplay and close-quarters maps. One of the best submachine guns in the game is the Vector .45 ACP, and it’s an easy one to unlock. Using our best Vector .45 ACP XDefiant loadout, you can optimize this weapon to make it even more mobile and deadly.

Best Vector .45 ACP XDefiant loadout

  • Barrel: Rapid Fire
  • Front Rail: Pistol
  • Magazine: Fast Mag
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw
  • Stock: Lightweight

Weapon Stats

Using the weapon attachments listed above, here are the stats you’ll be looking at on the Vector .45 ACP:

  • Damage: 19/11/8
  • Rate of Fire: 1050 RPM
  • Sprint out Time: 216ms
  • ADS Time Reduction: 162ms
  • Aim Stability: 43%
  • Magazine: 30
  • Reload Time: 1070ms

How to Unlock the Vector .45 ACP in XDefiant

To unlock the Vector .45 ACP in XDefiant, you need to deal 1000 damage with SMGs. You can complete this with any weapon, but at level one, you’ll be using the MP5A2 because that’s the only SMG unlocked to start. After dealing 1000 damage to enemies while using an SMG, the Vector will automatically unlock for you.

Best Vector .45 ACP Alternatives in XDefiant

A good alternative to the Vector .45 ACP is the MP7. The MP7 is slightly worse in terms of firepower and mobility but excels in accuracy and ammo count. Another solid choice is the P90, which, like the MP7, lacks behind the Vector in firepower and mobility but has a much higher ammo capacity and slightly better accuracy. It all comes down to personal playstyle and preference.

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