All Star Tower Defense Tower Mode Update Log

Here are the patch notes and update log for the Roblox All Star Tower Defense Tower Mode update..

The Tower Update is officially here for Roblox All Star Tower Defense as of January 13, 2023. Changes include the new Tower Mode with gems and stardust rewards, new units and banner summons, and other new content. The complete All Star Tower Defense Tower Mode update log is below.

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All Star Tower Defense Tower Mode Update Log

Here’s the update log for the ASTD Tower Mode Update:

Tower Mode

  • Located in World 1
  • Will be resettable like Infinite Leaderboard
  • Can get rewards again after the reset
  • Leaderboard for Most Cleared Floors

Tower Mode Rewards (Gems)

  • Floor 1-20: 150 Gems Each 
  • Floor 21-40: 175 Gems Each 
  • Floor 41-75: 200 Gems Each 
  • Floor 76-99: 300 Gems Each 

Tower Mode Rewards (Stardust)

  • Floor 10: 20 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 20: 40 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 30: 60 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 40: 80 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 50: 100 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 60: 120 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 70: 140 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 80: 160 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 90: 180 Stardust On Clear
  • Floor 100: 200 Stardust On Clear


  • Nezichi 6 Star (Z Banner)
  • Kriffin 5-6 Star (Z Banner)
  • Exotic Units (Behind Summon Area)
  • Blue Gem Units (Behind Summon Area)
  • Added Yamamoto blessing 
  • New Solo Infinite Mode
  • New Solo Leaderboard
  • Exp Raid Mode
  • 3x Speed Gamepass
  • Added Loading Screens 
  • Tower Mode Addition
  • New Code

Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed leaderboard in w2 not appearing
  • Fixed category search
  • Fixed can evolve search
  • Removed grounds from air mode
  • Extensions for future events in the world 1 lobby added
  • Removed Christmas stuff and turned infinite maps to normal 
  • Revamped regular infinite map 
  • Revamped category infinite map 
  • Revamped double path infinite map 
  • Revamped air infinite map 
  • Changed mission clear UI
  • Fixed Nezuki
  • Fixed w2 infinite
  • Fixed Illusiva
  • Fixed doing solo infinite with others
  • Fixed ground units in the air
  • Added big boss event
  • Reset solo leaderboard

The ASTD Tower Mode update log was posted in the All Star Tower Defense Discord server.