Anime Showdown Codes April 2024

New Roblox Anime Showdown codes for free Coins, Gems, and Boosts. Latest list from MelonRevenue for April 2024.

April 12 2024: We checked for new Anime Showdown codes.

You can use Anime Showdown codes to get free in-game Coins, Gems, and other limited-time rewards so you can grow stronger. Play as your favorite anime characters, and use the codes to power up. You can also find out how to redeem Anime Showdown codes in the section below.

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Anime Showdown Codes

Here are all the new Anime Showdown codes:

  • !redeem EarlyAccessReward: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem ROBLOXSERVERSAREAWESOME: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem HITRELEASED: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem PIXELBOUNDISCOOL: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem LASTVALENTINESCHANCE: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem 6MILVISITS: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem PATCHMOVED2NEXTWEEK: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem 30KLIKESAND5MILVISITS: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem TUESDAYPATCHFIX: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem FREECOLOSSALCHEST: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem REJOIN2FIXLOADING: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem 30KLIKES: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem 4MILVISITS: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem UPDATE1: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem SORRY4BUG: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem THXFOR3MIL: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem 20K!: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem 2MILVISITS: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem 1MILVISITS: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem fudd10_v10: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem SORRY4SHUTDOWN2: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem 10K!: Coins and Gems
  • !redeem RELEASE: 10,500 Coins, 1000 Gems

Expired codes:


What are Anime Showdown codes?

Anime Showdown codes are rewards created by the game developer that players can redeem inside the game for various rewards. Codes normally grant free Coins, Gems, or Boosts. The codes expire after a short time, so players will need to use them while they’re active to avoid missing out.

How do I redeem codes in Anime Showdown?

Players can redeem codes by following these steps:

  1. Launch Anime Showdown on Roblox
  2. Press “/” or click the speech bubble to open chat
  3. Type !redeem followed by the code
  4. Press Enter to send the message and redeem the rewards

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