Best Perks for Morty in MultiVersus

What's up my glip glops?

Morty is one of the latest additions to the MultiVersus playable character list. The titular character from the adult animated sci-fi sitcom Ricky and Morty boasts some impressive in-game moves and makes for a formidable contender on the battlefield. If you intend to play Morty as one of your main characters, you are probably contemplating which perks are worth it. Here are the best perks for Morty in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Morty Perks

Best Perks for Morty in MultiVersus

The best perks to use for Morty in MultiVersus are:

  • Oh That’s Still A Grenade: grenades thrown by Morty’s allies always have the maximum explosion radius
  • Coffeezilla: your team receives a 10% reduced ability cooldown duration.
  • Deadshot: your team deals 5% increased damage with projectiles.
  • Make it Rain, Dog: your team receives 20% increased projectile speed.
  • Triple Jump: your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in the air.
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper: your team’s projectiles deal 7% increased damage to far away victims.

Overall, it’s good to focus on Offense and Utility perks for Morty. Morty can pump out serious damage and utilize his grenade/laser projectiles. He will likely remain overpowered for a while after release.

Unlockable Morty Perks

Morty unlocks the following perks upon leveling up:

  • Armor Crush unlocks at Level 2.
  • Back to Back unlocks at Level 4.
  • Equip Ally Perks unlocks at Level 6.
  • Fancy Footwork unlocks at Level 7.
  • I’m More Than Just A Hammer* unlocks at Level 8.
  • Perk Training unlocks at Level 9.
  • Oh That’s Still A Grenade* unlocks at Level 10.
  • Deadshot unlocks at Level 11.
  • Extra Fleeb Juice* unlocks at Level 12.
  • Coffeezilla unlocks at Level 13.

Perks with a * indicate Signature Morty perks.

Signature Morty Perks

Morty’s signature perks are:

  • I’m More Than Just A Hammer: When Morty summons Hammer Morty, Morty will spin in a circle hitting around himself multiple times (Level 8).
  • Oh That’s Still A Grenade: The explosion radius of Morty’s grenades is increased based on their cook duration. Grenades thrown by Morty’s allies always have the maximum explosion radius.
  • Extra Fleeb Juice: Morty’s plumbus leaves the floor extra squeaky clean.

Out of the three signature moves, it’s looking like Oh That’s Still A Grenade is the most useful.

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