How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife

Here's everything you need to know to become an Astronaut in BitLife so you can explore the cosmos!

The Astronaut Job Pack recently rolled out to BitLife players, making it possible for Bitizens to launch into orbit and explore the cosmos. If you recently picked up this job pack and want to know how to become an astronaut in BitLife, we’ve got the details you need to know. 

BitLife Astronaut Guide

To become an astronaut in BitLife, you can follow these steps:

  1. Attend Space Camp at age eight or older.
  2. Attend University and major in Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or Technology.
  3. Obtain a Pilot’s License.
  4. Attend Space Academy.
  5. Apply for the Astronaut Job in the Special Jobs category.
BitLife Astronaut Guide
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/BitLife

How to Attend Space Camp in BitLife

The first step to becoming an astronaut is to attend Space Camp. You can do this by going into the Activities tab, navigating to Mind & Body, and choosing Space Camp. The cost is $484. You can do this as early as age eight and make your parents pay for it.

Obtaining a Pilot’s License

Next, you’ll need to obtain a Pilot’s License. In short, you’ll need to take 40 hours of flying lessons and then take the Pilot’s Test. We have an entire guide explaining how to become a Pilot in BitLife, which includes some test questions and answers, so we recommend checking that out for more details. 

Attending Space Academy

After obtaining your Pilot’s License and getting a higher education, you can go to the Special Careers tab and choose the Astronaut option. You’ll see two options:

  • Space Academy: train to become an astronaut
  • ISRO: apply to be an astronaut

To apply to be an astronaut, you first need to attend Space Academy. Space Academy is a two-year program that costs about $14,250 per year (price may differ per region). Make sure to work hard in Space Academy and maximize your performance every year. Do Fitness Training, Flight Training, and Technical Training to increase each of those three stats and boost your overall performance.

Fitness Training is like going to the gym. You can focus on Cardio, Strength, or Endurance. Flight Training is a flying minigame where you’ll need to avoid asteroids. Technical Training entails a few questions and answers, and we have some of them listed below to help you out.

BitLife Space Academy
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/BitLife

BitLife Astronaut Technical Training Questions and Answers

Here are the Astronaut Technical Training questions and answers in BitLife:

  • Stars are fueled by the nuclear fusion of what gas? Hydrogen
  • What is the name for the point at which nothing can escape a black hole’s gravitational pull? Event Horizon
  • Who was the first person to step foot on the moon? Neil Armstrong
  • What type of engine is used to maneuver spacecraft during flight and adjust the trajectory? Maneuvering thrusters
  • What is the closest star to Earth? The Sun
  • What is the name of the robotic arm used by astronauts to manipulate objects outside the spacecraft? Canadarm
  • What is the name of the machine that simulates the effect of gravity on the human body? Centrifuge
  • What’s the name of the device astronauts wear to regulate oxygen flow and remove carbon dioxide while in space? Spatial Oxygenation Resonating Suit
  • How old is the earth? 4.5 Billion Years Old
  • What does the acronym LEO mean? Low-Earth Orbit
  • What is the name of the tool astronauts use to collect rock and soil samples from the moon? Lunar Excavator
  • What is the speed of light? 300 million meters-per-second
  • What is an astronaut’s maximum absorbency garment? It’s a diaper

How to Get a Job as an Astronaut in BitLife

After attending Space Camp for two years and graduating with high performance, you can get a job at the Space Research Organization. To do this, you should see a screen pop up after you graduate from Space Camp with the option to “Apply to RSO.” Choose this option to get a job as an Astronaut. Alternatively, you can go into the Special Careers tab and choose the option. You’ll then need to answer an interview question to get the job.

BitLife Graduating from Space Academy
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/BitLife

That’s everything you need to know about how to become an Astronaut in BitLife! You can check out our BitLife Challenges page to stay up-to-date with all the latest challenges, and see our BitLife section for more guides and content.