BitLife Business Update Changes

Start your own empire

BitLife’s Business Update has been a long time in the works and was officially released on September 12, 2022. The new update allows Bitizens to choose their industry, hire and fire new employees, and build a mighty empire. There is no limit to how successful you can be.

Below is a full list of changes for the BitLife Business update, which includes lots of new features that BitLife fans can try out for themselves. If you have ever dreamed of being the CEO of a major company, now you can live a life of luxury in the life simulation game.

BitLife Business Update Changes

  • Start up your dream business in 25 different industries.
  • Build your company from a feisty startup into an empire.
  • Got enough cash? Acquire an existing business!
  • Add, manage, and retire different product lines.
  • Calibrate production to meet ever-changing demand and competition.
  • Deal with the consequences of excess inventory.
  • Open and close facilities to meet your changing fortunes.
  • Negotiate shrewd contracts with suppliers to keep costs low and quality high.
  • Manage payroll and determine how to best staff your business.
  • Make the right decisions to keep workforce morale high.
  • Interview and hire the best job candidates.
  • Interact with your employees and sponsor team-building activities.
  • Know who (and when) to fire.
  • Ready to exit? Sell your company to the highest bidder.
  • Got the right resume? Get appointed CEO of someone else’s company.
  • All-new business achievements.
  • A few new surprises outside of business.
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance.

BitLife is available on the App Store and Google Play. Make sure to update your game today if you want to try out the Business Update!